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Today, analysis of an explosive amount of data available to every organization is key to enabling them to innovate, compete, and be productive.

Azri works with organizations to solve complex data related problems using algorithms, design methodologies and software in a measurable, sustainable, and results driven environment. Our services help customers visualize, understand and use both structured and unstructured data, often hidden in data stores and assets (databases, spreadsheets, documents, emails, social media, etc.) to deliver real time results.

  • dentify new opportunities and efficiencies using Big Data
  • Analyze patterns using new intelligence techniques
  • Build new knowledge by synthesizing data from diverse sources
  • Structure data to maximize collective knowledge and to provide insights
  •  Enable data visualization to support decision making
  •  Track performance metrics

The case below talks of a tailor-made text mining based solution offered to one of our clients.

Four Faceted Solution:

Explore Interactive visualizations to explore & analyze information in documents, emails, websites, & social streams.

Sense: Discover sentiments within documents and classify them into positive, negative, neutral, exploratory and normative

Summarise: Extract the main ideas within documents and compile short summaries of them.

Classify: Identify key themes within text documents and classify them into distinct groups or clusters based on topicality

Project Type
Data Visualisation