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Technologies for Nonprofits

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.”  – Arthur C. Clarke

Nonprofits are looking for strategies, tools, and products that will reduce their operating expenses which will enable them not only deliver but also amplify their impact. Today, people need everything at the tip of their fingers; digitizing would help the organizations to leverage the most out of their partners and customers. There are many tools that manage information, and luckily, a lot of them are free or low cost. We should always know that “free” is not always free. Marc Baizman of The Salesforce Foundation had said “free tools are not like free beer, more like free puppies” and the discovery phase, execution, support in future, and investment for training should always be considered before deciding the tool that you are going to use to manage your nonprofit’s information. 

Nine technologies that can be useful for nonprofits

Technologies for nonprofits

#1 MailChimp - Email Marketing

Mailchimp is a marketing automation tool that is used to maintain CRM. With a lot of options available in it, one can create appealing mailers, create mailing lists and automate emailing process & follow ups. It also can be used as an engagement tool to send your current/potential clients your impact stories. 

#2 Asana - Project Management

One of the major problems faced by organizations is project management. It becomes a difficult task to know who is handling what and if the work has been done or not. Asana helps you crack this problem; it has features like creating a project, assigning team members to it, dividing the tasks, etc. The cherry on the cake is their mobile app that makes it much easier for coordination. 

#3 Google Analytics - Web Analytics 

Google Analytics is a one of the most impressive web analytics tools. It will help you analyze the fruitfulness of your ad caFmpaigns with integration to Google Adwords. It also provides detailed reports on who are your website visitors, where are they from, and how are they interacting with your site.

#4 Canva - Multimedia Tool

If you come from a no design background and want to create stunning proposals/presentations/posters Canva is your pit stop. This platform has innumerable designs, icons, images etc. providing the liberty to create content in a simplified manner. 

#5 Hootsuite - Social Media Platform Management

Hootsuite manages all your social media platforms and allows you to schedule, publish and analyze all of your posts from one place. It will also publish your posts at peak times so that they get max exposure. Nonprofits who want to establish a brand for their organization should give this tool a try. 

#6 Wufoo - Online form management 

Do you want to create appealing web forms for surveys/feedbacks? If yes, then Wufoo is your answer. It allows you to create web forms just by dragging and dropping interface. It can capture your mailing list, event registrations, and can also integrate PayPal into your website. 

#7 Wibbitz - Interactive Engagement Tool

Do you have a lot of text posts and articles? Do you want to convert them into more engaging content? Wibbitz brands them as the “Play” button for the Web, it automatically converts text-based posts and articles into engaging and interactive videos so your customers don’t need to read it. 

#8 Upworthy - Content Filtration Tool

Are you creating useful content but it’s not going viral on the internet? Upworthy filters your content against the most read and shared content on the internet. It will help your content managers to write content that will go viral on the internet.

#9 Zapier - Platform Integration Tool

We know apps that can do great things and sometimes we wish all of them are present in one app. What if we tell you, they can be? Yes, Zappier helps you integrate two apps and work as one. For example, if you are creating a form for project requests on Wufoo and want them to come on your project management tool - Asana, Zapier lets you do it. 

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